Mobile Developer (Kotlin)

Vancouver, BC • December 22, 2020

Steamclock is looking for a bright, enthusiastic person here in Vancouver with experience shipping apps on Android. If you have a track record of shipping beautiful, high-quality products, we’d love to chat!

Steamclock is a profitable and growing studio in Gastown that makes very nice mobile software. Our focus is shipping great stuff, and building the company we want to work at. We make products for ourselves – such as a neat Mac utility for tracking issues and pull requests – and apps for interesting companies like Arc’teryx, WealthBar, and Mozilla.

In this role we’re looking for somebody who’s used to native Android development, but is also interested in wearing other hats like web or iOS development over time. We value people over process, and your skills and perspective will help us bring our product work to the next level.

Steamclock Software

The Details

You'll have the opportunity to work on:
    • Building native Android apps in Kotlin
    • Collaborating with teams of 2-5 people to ship apps and app updates
    • Technical decision-making and helping prioritize work
    • Solving tricky UI challenges and evaluating new tools
    • Providing constructive and empathetic feedback on pull requests, architecture, and process
    • Minimizing the need for meetings with proactive communication on Slack, Github, and elsewhere
    • Related apps in other languages, especially in Swift, JavaScript, or Rails
    • Special projects like open source libraries, backend APIs, and product experiments
    • Iterating our skills and culture to build the best darn app development team in the world
Ideally you would have:
    • 4+ years of native mobile app development experience
    • Empathy for your fellow teammates, clients, and users
    • Experience building out modern Android apps in Kotlin
    • Some background in either a startup environment or a client-services studio
    • An enthusiasm for building very nice customer-facing software
    • Some experience building web or iOS apps would certainly be awesome
    • The ability to work full time in Vancouver (we are all working remote currently, but at least for now we’re all Vancouver-based and we’re interested in hiring locally)
    • Some kind of bonus skill (writing, web development, knitting, etc.)
    • Clear communication in various forms, whether it’s spoken, written, or 🚀⭐️🎈

The Perks

  • Extended health and dental
  • No overtime
  • Autonomy over your work
  • Enforced minimum vacations
  • Charitable donation matching
  • Profit sharing
  • Flexible work hours
  • Parental leave
  • Office space in Gastown (we'll be back one day 😅)


Send us your resume with a blurb about why you think you’d be a fit for Steamclock. People from groups underrepresented in tech, including women, people of colour, and LGBTQ+ candidates, are encouraged to apply.

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