We design and develop nice apps.

Then we make them better.


Building a studio we want to work at.

Our whole thing is great experiences. Obviously our apps need to provide excellent experiences, but the experience of our clients and our employees is also a core part of making great software.

When teams are supported, listened to, and motivated to keep iterating and improving, great things happen. So that’s what we do.


Software is about people.

We’re proud to be small enough that we can move fast, but big enough that we can tackle any problem our clients may have.

Allen Pike ensures we do great work.

This ranges from strategy and product management to coordinating design and development. Previously, he was a Software Engineer at Apple. On weekends, he hosts a podcast about silly facts.

Allen Pike

Nigel Brooke is an expert at high-performance code and mobile architecture.

He spent 14 years building AAA games, and has since spent 10 more building A+ apps. Like many software engineers, Nigel regularly directs and acts in productions of Shakespeare.

Nigel Brooke

Rachael Ashe cares for our office, our books, and our team.

She has a knack for details, keeping our accounts in order, our office stocked, and our employees happy. When she’s not taming paperwork, Rachael makes art with paper.

Rachael Ashe

Leia Kim keeps us all playing to the same beat.

She is Keeper of the Schedule, Shepherd of the Project, and Asker of Important Questions. While any Producer must take notes, Leia's notetaking is world-renowned.

Leia Kim

Abey Thomas is a connoisseur of quality.

While he writes code for apps and the web, he is especially focused on breaking things – and then ensuring their resilience. He owns more cryptocurrency than all other Steamclock employees combined.

Abey Thomas

Brady Valentino is a product designer extraordinaire.

He uses his experience working on products of every size to design and iterate great interfaces – and the occasional t-shirt. He is the most likely Steamclock employee to be on a boat.

Brady Valentino

Brendan Lensink loves making apps that people love.

He has built iOS apps for a number of startups, giving him an engineering mind and a product heart. He is one of the few Steamclock employees trained in Olympic weightlifting.

Brendan Lensink

Erica Leong puts joy into every pixel.

Her superpower is visual design and illustration, which she uses to add colour and life to our products. Erica is in more D&D groups than any other employee.

Erica Leong

Jake Miner builds all kinds of mobile apps.

With experience on both iOS and Android, Jake is up to any task. Without a doubt, he is the office’s most dangerous Towerfall player.

Jake Miner

Jenn Cooper is an accomplished builder.

Her skills on iOS, Android, and the web combine with her leadership experience to fuel any project plan. She is the only Steamclock employee with bears in her yard.

Jenn Cooper

Jeremy Chiang develops apps for iOS, Android, and the web.

He also enjoys teaching software development and practicing Kendo. Jeremy is by far Steamclock’s most accomplished swordsman.

Jeremy Chiang

Shayla Sawchenko builds excellent Android apps.

While her iOS skills are sharp, her heart lies with Android. She is also an instructor at App Camp for Girls, and has the rainbowiest hair of anybody on the team.

Shayla Sawchenko

Special Forces

Brent Marykuca

Malin Sundberg


Broadcasting live from the west coast.

We’re headquartered in beautiful Vancouver in the Pacific Northwest, home of great startups and great coffee. Our clients and customers though, are everywhere. We work regularly with clients from New York to the Bay Area – and around the world – using modern project management tools such as Slack.


What’s it like working at Steamclock?

Steamclock is a profitable and growing studio in Gastown that crafts excellent apps. Our focus is building great products and having fun doing it. We build products for ourselves – whether it be an open source library or a spy game – as well as apps for startups and businesses around the world.

We’ve got perks

  • Daily free lunches
  • Extended health and dental
  • No overtime
  • Autonomy over your work
  • Work from Home Wednesdays™
  • Enforced minimum vacations
  • Free snacks and fine teas
  • Ramen Fridays™
  • Working in Gastown
  • Flexible work hours
  • Parental leave
  • We have an epic unicorn painting

Career Openings

We always love hearing from prospective employees! Contact us at careers@steamclock.com anytime.

We especially encourage people from underrepresented groups in tech to reach out.