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From the Lab: Exploring AR

Jun 10th, 2022 • Development

Here at Steamclock, we spend a portion of our time each quarter deep diving into new technologies and potential product ideas that might be useful, interesting, and fun. This January, we decided it was time to dig in to augmented reality (AR) and what it can do.

6 min read

Setting Two Spies Free

Jun 8th, 2022 • Releases

For a few years now, we’ve had fun helping our our sibling company Royal Pixel Service design and develop Two Spies. After a surprising run of accolades and over 800k downloads, the team has decided it’s time to put Two Spies into maintenance mode and focus on what’s next.

1 min read

Getting Just the Right Fonts on Mobile

Mar 7th, 2022 • Design

Picture this: your design team, potentially an external agency, is excited about the excellent new fonts they’ve proposed for your brand, and they’ve secured licenses for print and web use. The new typefaces do a great job conveying your brand voice to your customers.

3 min read

Case Study: Ora Organic

Feb 28th, 2022 • Case Studies

Ora Organic, purveyors of organic plant-based supplements, challenged us to build a high-quality iOS app for core subscribers.

30 sec read

What the Duck?

Nov 25th, 2021 • Releases

Stuck on a problem? Feeling frustrated? Not sure what the duck is wrong with your code?

1 min read

Levelling up our Networking at Steamclock

Oct 6th, 2021 • Releases

On most mobile app projects, networking is a pain. Over the years our team members at Steamclock have tried a half-dozen different networking libraries, and each one tended towards some combination of common problems. Too often projects end up with one giant networking file, requests that require wrappers to handle simple JSON, and painful error handling when juggling global and local errors.

1 min read

Case Study: Two Spies

Aug 24th, 2021 • Case Studies

Quests: Now Free as in Speech

Jun 22nd, 2021 • Releases

Two years ago, one of our Build It Day experiements produced a little Mac menu bar app called Quests. It let you quickly access the Github issues assigned to you. In the spirit of shipping stuff, we packaged it up and put it up for download on the App Store as a free app, business model TBD. A lot of folks found it useful, which was great!

2 min read

The Path to Sharing Work, Early & Often

Jun 8th, 2021 • Design

Chances are you’ve heard of the common adage, “share work, early and often.” The benefits are clear: sharing in-progress work early on allows teams to get on the same page and avoid surprises or wasted work. Easy win, right? A lot of teams find it easier said than done.

4 min read

Should You Build a Mobile App

May 5th, 2021 • Releases

We often have folks ask us if they should build an app. After all, this is exactly the type of work that we do at Steamclock. How could we say no?

1 min read

Remote Hiring at Steamclock

Apr 15th, 2021 • Steamclock

Our team at Steamclock entered 2020 with big focus on hiring in Vancouver. We knew we wanted to avoid some of the issues that large distributed teams often suffer from. Interminable conference calls, only arrangable at the very beginning or very end of the work day. Inconsistent internet access disrupting decision-making and iteration speed. A lack of shared culture, where team members feel isolated from one another.

4 min read

Hiring a Senior iOS Developer

Apr 5th, 2021 • Steamclock

Over the years, Steamclock has hired pretty infrequently. Our growth has been slow and steady, and our team members tend to stick around!

1 min read

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