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Last Updated: December 5, 2018

Hey, you’re checking out our privacy policy! Which is neat, since privacy is something everybody who uses our apps deserves. So let’s review how we do – and, ideally, don’t – collect, store, and use private data.

We, in this case, means Steamclock Software, Ltd. That’s the name of our company. We’re based in British Columbia, Canada. Hi!

At a high level, we prefer not to collect data, especially personally identifiable information. Occasionally though, we do. The two main reasons we might need to collect data are:

  1. Providing service: Letting users opt into things, such as being on our mailing lists.
  2. Improving things: Detecting problems and improving our apps, such as identifying popular features or bugs.

This policy applies to information we collect when you use our web services, such as, and the apps we distribute, which include WeddingDJ, Party Monster, Two Spies, and Quests. By using our apps or website, or explictly providing us with information through another channel, you’re agreeing to the collection and usage of information as outlined here. So, let’s review the information we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with it.

Customer Support

If you contact us, especially for support, we collect your contact information (for example, the email or Twitter you contacted us from) and any other information you volunteer about the issue at hand.

We keep this information in order to help you with future questions or issues, and to help us identify trends in what issues our customers are having.

By default we keep this information indefinitely, but if you’d like us to remove support emails you’ve sent us, contact

Logging and Analytics

Our website and most of our apps collect anonymized analytics and in some cases server logs. Analytics let us determine things like how many people are using an app or service, what features are popular, and whether our work to improve our products is succeeding. Logs are generally used for troubleshooting bugs that may arise, and on occasion are used to derive analytics – for example, how many users have updated to a new version of our app.

Some examples of analytics or logging data we may collect include:

  • Type of device in use
  • IP address (often anonymized)
  • Type of web browser used
  • Webpages visited or features used
  • Operating system and version in use
  • Versions of our apps in use

Logging and analytics are important since they inform how we improve our products over time, and let us diagnose and fix problems. That said, we don’t associate email addresses, usernames, or other personally identifiable information with our logs or analytics data.

We typically use third-party services to store our analytics and logs. Those services are also outlined in this policy.

We retain logs and analytics for no more than two years, unless they are captured as part of a bug report or failure analysis, in which case they may be retained indefinitely.

Crash and Error Logs

If one of apps crashes or encounters an unexpected error, in most cases it will send anonymized data about the issue to a crash collection service. Apple may also collect crash logs if your device is configured to do so, and provide anonymzied versions of those logs to us to help improve our apps.

We retain crash and error logs for no more than two years, unless they are captured as part of a bug report or failure analysis, in which case they may be retained indefinitely.

Mailing Lists

We maintain some low-volume mailing lists that you can opt into. If you opt in to a mailing list, we’ll (obviously) collect your email address, and optionally in some cases you can also provide your first and last name.

We do not disclose these lists to third parties, other than the fact our list is maintained by a third-party mailing list provider, who manages subscriptions and sends the emails.

If you’ve joined our mailing list, you’ll stay on it until you ask to be removed. All emails include an unsubscribe link, but if you’d like us to manually remove you from all Steamclock mailing lists, you can contact


Our analytics service uses cookies on our website to determine things like whether we have many users browsing a small number of pages, or a few users browsing many pages. You can feel free to have your web browser refuse cookies or clear them. You can also specifically block Google Analytics and other analytics trackers using a browser add-on or extension.

Web Services

In the future, we plan to provide a product where you can log in on the web – a web service. They’re pretty cool. When we publicly launch such a service we’ll expand this policy to describe how it stores data, uses cookies to facilitate login, and things like that. In the meantime, if you are a "beta tester" of such a service and have questions about privacy or data storage, please contact us.

Transfer Of Data

We don’t run any physical servers that we own, but our service providers may transfer or maintain some of your data on servers outside your state, province, or country. In particular, most of our data is stored in the United States or Canada, which may have different data protection laws than your jurisdiciton does.

That said, we work to ensure any data transfers are made securely – for example, using HTTPS or other encrypted protocols. Of course, no data can be 100% guaranteed to be secure, but by perodically reviewing our security practices and limiting the personal data we collect, we reduce the risk of data compromise.

Data Disclosure

In general, we try not to collect or store personal data, and certainly don’t want to disclose any data we do collect. However, we may disclose data if we find it necessary in order to:

  • comply with subpoenas, court orders, or other legal obligations,
  • defend a legal claim, our property, or rights,
  • investigate or prevent illegal, fradulent, or abusive activity on one of our services, or
  • protect the personal safety of users of our apps or services, or the public.

We don’t sell user data, but it’s possible we may one day buy, be bought by, or merge with another business. If that happens, user data may be part of that transaction.

Data Not Collected

Except as described in this document or as explicitly requested by a user, our apps don’t upload personal information. To be clear, this includes:
  • Your email or mailing address
  • Your contacts
  • Your GPS data
  • Your keyboard input
  • Your screen’s contents
  • Data stored on your devices

Third Party Services

As a small business, we use some third-party services to run our website and apps, each which has its own privacy policy. While we expect these services to abide by their respective privacy policies, we try to be conservative with how much data they recieve.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to collect some analytics on our websites. Privacy Policy. We have enabled IP anonymization for Google Analytics, which we believe makes the data they recieve not personally identifying.

Firebase Crashlytics

We use Google’s Firebase Crashlytics service to track crashes and errors in our apps. Privacy Policy.

App Store

We have apps hosted on Apple’s App Store, which collects data as part of hosting apps. Privacy Policy.


Our mailing lists are hosted by Mailchimp. Privacy Policy.


Some of our server logs are tracked an analyzed on Papertrail. Privacy Policy.

Beta Services

If you join a beta test of one of our apps, it will probably be distribued via a tool like Testflight, Nevercode, or Buddybuild, which may facilitate and collect crash reports, analytics, and feedback you provide.

Cloud Hosting

Most of our apps don’t have a service or server component that we run. Those that do are hosted on a cloud platform such as Heroku or Amazon Web Services. These services purport not to inspect or disclose customer data, and we don’t generally store much in the way of personal data on them anyway, but it’s possible in the course of using our services your data could pass through or be stored on these services.

Team Communication

We use communications tools like Slack, Dropbox, Gmail, and Github for internal team communication. We work not to store customer information on these services, but in the course of providing support or processing feedback, customer information may pass through these services.

GDPR Rights

Citizens of the EU can exercise their rights under the General Data Protection Regulation, such as the rights of access and erasure, by contacting us with their request via

Questions and Updates

Our privacy policy may be updated from time to time. If we do update it, we’ll post it here ( and update the modified date at the top of this document.

We went to the effort of drafting a custom privacy policy instead of using a standard boilerplate "legalese" one because we genuinely care about this stuff. So, if you have If you have any questions or concerns about our data collection or privacy policy, please contact us.