The Feedback Wizard

Erica Leong • Aug 28th, 2023

Ever struggle with giving constructive feedback to a coworker, worried about how it’d land? Do you ever wish you could just open up your thoughts to someone – like Gandalf, if he were practiced at managerial coaching – and have them magic that feedback out of thin air?

Well, we haven’t quite invented magic yet. But we’ve come close.

With the Feedback Wizard, we’ve made a simple tool that uses the structure of Lara Hogan’s Feedback Equation and the power of magic GPT-4 to help you write effective feedback drafts. It gives you step-by-step guidance to make writing challenging feedback easier, so you can focus on what really matters: helping others grow. Now that’s some real magic.✨

Consult the Feedback Wizard

The Feedback Wizard

Let us know if you try it out! Any feedback (heh) is welcome.

Erica Leong • Designer

Gandalf might not be the best managerial coach, but Lara Hogan could be a great wizard.